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Project Description

The OnlineAspParser is a simple html module working with ASP.NET application. It's display information like: WebControls and their properties, server variables, view state, cookies collection and etc. OnlineAspParser was also tested at DotNetNuke module development.

Who is it for

ASP.NET developers who may want to have list of all WebControls, server variables, and other info (see Features) during the development process.
It's also good tool for DotNetNuke module developers. Especially if you are using Web Application Project to do extensions.

Online demo


Displays a series of information about page
  • ASP.NET WebControls and their properties like: ID, ClientID, UniqueID, EnableViewState, Visibility, SelectedIndex, SelectedValue, Text, etc,
  • Basic information about page like: request type, file path, user agent, total bytes, raw url, etc,
  • Server variables like: logon user, remote host, server name, server port, user agent, etc,
  • Query string, key value collection,
  • Key value of FORM field at POST request,
  • Key value of Cookies collection,
  • ViewState string, length in bytes and view state decoded tree;


Two steps are required:
  • Download file OnlineAspParser.dll, and copy to bin directory of your ASP.NET application,
  • Add one line: <add name="OnlineAspParser" type="OnlineAspParser.Parser, OnlineAspParser" /> to your web.config file in section <httpModules>;
  • Sometimes DotNetNuke portals require add another line <add name="OnlineAspParser" type="OnlineAspParser.Parser, OnlineAspParser" preCondition="managedHandler"/> in section <system.webServer> -> <modules>
  • If all goes well on left corner will appear logo OnlineAspParser


Browser with OnlineAspParser

WebSerwer controls in parsed tree
AspControl screen

Server variables
Server variables

ViewState parsed tree and content


  • .NET 2.0
  • JavaScript enabled

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